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Meet eBiller™

eBiller™ is an Information Technology Company with over 20 years experience helping Medical Providers reduce costs and avoid losses in the Medical Billing Cycle.


We were one of the first clearinghouses in Puerto Rico, helped implement HIPAA Law, have managed over 300M in hospital claims and have worked with almost every type of practice in the Health Care Industry.


Medical providers who use our specialized systems and services achieve the highest level of claim collection, control and transparency at the lowest possible cost and risk of loss, without the need of investments, add-on work   or changes in current software.

In addition, our customer service is of the highest quality and compromise. A recent client survey shows a 5 out of  5-star average rate of satisfaction.


Our new motto comes from Charles Darwin's famous quote: "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change".

With Covid-19, the world has changed overnight. Many practices will disappear, some will survive while others will thrive. We have redisigned our whole structure and formula to help you adapt and succeed in todays new business environment. 

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